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Bachelor Degree in Commerce

B.COM (Hons.), B.COM (General)

Bachelor Degree in Arts

Hons. in Bengali, Hons. in English

BA - General

Bengali, English, Education, Pol. Sc., History

Logos of the College: Changes over the Years

The following are the past and present Logos of the College. The first one was adopted when the College was established in 1964 and the logo of BANGABASI COLLEGE was used in the College letter heads of BANGABASI COLLEGE OF COMMERCE. A few years later, logo and seals were changed in the name of BANGABASI COLLEGE OF COMMERCE with a vision ‘‘TO RESPECT, INQUIRE AND SERVE THE NATION’’ [PRANIPATENO, PRARIPRASNENO SEBAYA]. This logo and seal of the College were used for a long period till May 2004. The fourth logo was introduced from 5th May 2004, the date from which BANGABASI COLLEGE OF COMMERCE was re-named as ACHARYA GIRISH CHANDRA BOSE COLLEGE(formerly Bangabasi College of Commerce). The college Logo so introduced in 2004 had a very short life. The present Logo of the College (Fifth) is a modification of the Fourth Logo. The Golden Jubilee(1964-2014) Logo was introduced on 7th October, 2013.




FOURTH (MAY, 2004)


   FIFTH (FEBRURY, 2007)

     FIFTH (JULY, 2010)

Golden Jubilee(1964-2014)
       (OCTOBER, 2013)