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Governing Body of Acharya Girish Chandra Bose College resolved to open NSS Unit in the College on 07-09-2013. Accordingly a unit of NSS was formed which was affiliated by CU on 08-08-2013.
Prabal Dasgupta Assistant Professor(Sr) in Economics was the first Programme Officer of the unit. The NSS unit was established with the objective of personality development of the students. The College has started a NSS Unit in which the students of the College have successfully participated as volunteers in numerous social activities. We have conducted community services and social orientation programs like promotion of voluntary blood donation and prevention of AIDS, survey of slum areas, campus cleaning, tree plantation, environmental awareness and setting –up health awareness camp through NSS unit .We have distributed clothes to the local downtrodden children in Sealdah locality during the time of Durga puja. The programme officer and student members of the NSS unit have participated in the rally organized by NSS unit of Calcutta University on Vivekananda’s birthday. Such programme encourage students to develop a lifelong ethic of giving service to the society. In the year 2013-2014 we conducted NSS day on 24-09-2014 in the college campus. In the same year we conducted an awareness programme and village development programme for which we visited Sidheswari Chalk Subudhhi Balika Vidyapith in Sidheswari village, 24 parganas.Students and staff of the college show earnest zeal in discharging social service like helping the poor students for medical treatment, providing books. Much of these activities go unrecorded.
Acharya Girish Chandra Bose College NSS Unit Advisory Committee (2013-2014)
Chairman : Dr. Asit Kumar Sarkar, Principal
Programme Officer : Prof. Prabal Dasgupta, Asst. Professor in Economics
Members :
Prof. Basudeb Sadhukhan, (Bursar)
Prof. Prabal Dasgupta, Secretary of Teachers’ Council
Prof. Shaikh Abu Musa, (Teaching Staff)
Prof. Debjani Mondal, (Teaching Staff)
Sri Parag Kanti Bhowmick, (Non-teaching Staff)
Smt. Shipra Das, (Non-teaching Staff)
Smt. Manju Roy Choudhuri, Librarian
Sri Chhandak Bose, G.S, Students’ Union
Sri Prithvish Majumder, A.G.S, Students’ Union
Sri Bikash Singh, Sports Secretary, Students’ Union
Smt. Ishani Sinha, Cultural Secretary, Students’ Union
Smt. Riyasree Das, Student
Smt. Nisha Kamti, Student