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Principal’s  Address at the Golden Jubilee Opening Ceremony Celebration

I feel greatly proud to be currently associated with ACHARYA GIRISH CHANDRA BOSE COLLEGE (formerly Bangabasi College of Commerce). From its humble beginning as a Degree College of Commerce in 1964, Bangabasi College of Commerce (presently known as ACHARYA GIRISH CHANDRA BOSE COLLEGE) is entering the 50th glorious year of its academic life of quality & excellence dedication to the cause of education on 7th October, 2013. Yes, it is a time to celebrate, to introspect, to consolidate and to plan for its future.
In fact, nobody really lives in the present, perhaps nobody. There is always a human tendency to look back to remind himself all he has already come across and when the feeling is really enthralling 50 years of long dedicated journey. It may be recollected that on an uncertain time on 4th of October 1964, our wise ancestors imprinted the footmark for our journey to the destiny of search for knowledge and its transformation by establishing Bangabasi College of Commerce. From its first day of class teaching started in Bangabasi College School in Evening Session, it has crossed the zig-zag path of thousand turmoil and tenacities and today is on the threshold of celebrating the most awaited Golden Jubilee(1964-2014) with a year-long programme scheduled to be starting from October, 2013. That is what we intend to do in the year-long Golden Jubilee celebrations of the college – a dream destination for students, faculty, staff and a place where teamwork is second nature for everyone. 
 We may also recapitulate that the year 1964, the College initially started in the Evening Shift with UG Studies of B.Com.(Pass) Degree Course under University of Calcutta from the Academic Session 1964-1965. Over the years, the College has created itself by achieving all round academic development empowering the minds of the youth and started teaching B.Com.(Hons) Degree Course from the Academic Session 1970-1971. The College has introduced Arts Stream by introducing B.A.(Hons) in Bengali & English from the Academic Session 2005-2006 and the College came to known as ACHARYA GIRISH CHANDRA BOSE COLLEGE (formerly Bangabasi College of Commerce).
The well known Chinese proverb tells “If you plan for one year, plant rice, if you plan for ten years, plant a tree, if you plan for hundred years, educate people”. For this noble purpose of invoking the intellectual power of the youths, our founder made collective efforts by mobilising academic and socio-political support of the well wishers and lovers of education and in this context Bangabasi College of Commerce came into existence in 1964.
On this occasion, while celebrating glorious 50 years of the existence of our College, we have drawn an elaborate programme of activities throughout the year 2013-2014. I am sure that there will be several activities in which you would like to participate or events that you can attend. I extend a warm invitation to you on behalf of the college to join the programme and create a roadmap for the future. I extend this invitation to all faculties, staff, students, alumni and all well-wishers. Come, join hands with us in understanding of making a great Institution, its traditions, its achievements and its tryst with destiny. I also invite you to consider how you can contribute to its greatness in the future. Indirectly, all of us, individually and collectively, can contribute to its glory by excelling in what we do ourselves, as alumni, faculty, staff and students. More directly, any contributions that will help to improve its infrastructure and academic activities which will attract the faculty, staff and students. We, therefore, solicit constructive criticism, counselling and valuable guidance from all quarters, which will probably guide and inspire us on our onward march.

Before I close this short message, I would like to recall the great contributions of a number of stalwarts, past and present, who with their untiring effort and infallible diligence to make this institution what it is today. We drench ourselves to those great personalities and pay our most revered homage to those who are not amongst us today, but who will continue to rule the hearts and minds of all those, whose destiny crosses with that of this great Institution.

Dated:  07-10-2013